Enrollment Process
Get Services to Support Independent Senior Living at Home

Gain Your Independence

The Senior Care Place enrollment policies will be used to identify the population served.

In efforts to promote and encourage independence as well as foster a fun related programming experience, we will rely on Physician’s orders, Family involvement and Assessment tools to consider whether The Senior Care Place is the right place for proposed the Clients/Participants.

Our enrollment policies include the following criteria:  Clients that are age 60 years of age and older, who need health services in order to support their desire to remain independent, will be able to participate in our services.

The potential client will require 1 or more of the following to attend the program:

  1. Client / Participant has a qualifying diagnosis which requires monitoring and / or
    assistance with maintaining said diagnosis
  2. Client / Participant has is ambulatory but needs assistance with transferring from or to chair
  3. Client / Participant has a primary care provider to provide physician’s or orders
    via nurse practitioner for purposes of enrollment and care instructions
  4. Client / Participant may have a need for assistance with ADL Care and/or needs
  5. Client / Participant needs assistance with medication administration
  6. Program will not allow Client / Participants that are assessed at a level that supersedes care levels or medical capability of the Program
  7. Participant has a need for ongoing socialization in group settings along with a supporting diagnosis.

Enrollment Procedures:


  1. Call The Senior Care Place to set up an interview and tour the Center.
  2. Bring primary care information to the interview.
  3. Get enrollment packet and prepare for physical with primary care services.
  4. Set the days to attend The Senior Care Place after assessment with Nurse.
  5. Prepare to have a wonderful time at The Senior Care Place!

A Culture of Care

We have created a culture of care;  brought forth with skill, knowledge and more than 25 years of expertise.  We will make a difference in the medical/healthcare Senior services community by joining our partners and leveraging the services we each have to offer. 

The Senior Care Place, Inc. will use this formula to ”Change the Culture of Senior Healthcare by offering the tools they need to stay in their homes… one Person at a time.”

Are you passionate about helping others?  We need volunteers to help with transportation, cooking, cleaning, running errands and to provide a warm smile to those in need. If you want to give back to your community and provide assistance and companionship, click on the link below.